Tree Care

Randy’s Lawn and Tree Service offers tree and shrub trimming options to fit your needs and budget. Let us trim your trees and shrubs (young or mature), to help promote a healthy growth. We also offer hedge trimming to give your lawn a fresh, manicured appeal.

Our Tree Service options include:

Tree Trimming and Pruning
Trimming back branches hanging over the roof or other parts of your structure that could cause damage .
Trimming back trees in heavily shaded areas that prevent the healthy growth of your lawn.
Pruning out dead, hazardous, and crossing tree limbs to keep your trees growing strong and healthy.
Tree Removal
We can cut up your felled tree and haul it away or leave it for you to split and use.
Shrub Pruning
Trimming and shaping your shrubs for a neat and manicured appeal while helping promote a healthy growth.
Hedge Trimming
Shaping your hedges to give a uniform look to your yard and surrounding vegetation.

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