Special Services

Randy’s Lawn and Tree Service offers a variety of special services. From general clean up, adjusting your outdoor lighting, or making sure your sprinkler system is functioning properly, we can ease the burden of taking care of your property. We even offer an emergency service for those unexpected surprises.

Following is our menu of options that are above and beyond our Lawn and Tree services.

Is your yard covered in fallen leaves? Is your yard a mess from a recent storm? Are those gutters filled with debris? Call us if you need help with any of these services.
Roof and Gutter cleaning
We can clear off debris from your roof and gutters. After clearing the solid material, we will run water down your gutters to ensure all avenues are clear for run-off to flow. This also includes clearing out clogged downspouts.
Fallen Leaf Removal (* On-site quote required)
We offer multiple plans for keeping your lawn clear of fallen leaves? Need a one time cleanup? Want to keep your yard clear throughout the fall season? Call us for a quote to fit your needs.
Post Storm Clean-up
We can cut up and remove any fallen tree. We can also clean up any debris distributed by a violent storm. Call us for an on-site quote.
Cobwebs from Outdoor Lights (first floor only)
We can make sure the outdoor lights surrounding the first floor of your dwelling is clear of cobwebs and other debris.
Adjust Outdoor Lighting
We offer service to adjust the outdoor lighting around your flower and plant beds. As shrubs and other bed plant life grows, we check and adjust up to 20 lights/bulbs per quote. (negotiable)
Check Sprinkler system
We can start up your sprinkler system in the Spring and shut it down prior to the first freeze in the Fall. We can also check all sprinkler heads for proper operation in the Spring preventing you from losing valuable dollars on wasted water.
We offer Fall & Winter planting of annuals. Each job quote is based on the number of flats of annuals.
Hanging Baskets
We install hanging baskets. Installation includes basket, plants, and labor. We can also maintain your hanging baskets (per 4 baskets).
Winter Service
We install water hydrant cover(s). This is a twice a year service for installing the cover prior to the first freeze and removing it after the last freeze. This helps prevent leaks from frozen pipes and hydrants.
Emergency Services
– Need a last minute cut on your yard? How about some annuals to liven up a flower bed before a party? We can help get your yard in shape before the {{{ finish copy……

2 day completion
Will quote service plus cost of parts.

Call us for a quote.

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