Lawn Care

Randy’s Lawn and Tree Service offers a standard mowing service that includes edging, weed trim, and waste cleanup (blow off street, side-walks).

We also offer these lawn maintenance services:

Aerate Services
Best done in the Spring. Call today to setup an appointment for your aeration.
Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris. This layer slowly decomposes and accumulates over time. While some thatch is good for a lawn, especially in dry or drought periods, too much can deny your lawn the necessary air, nutrients, and water needed by the soil it grows in. De-thatching insures your lawn will receive the necessary growth materials it needs to stay healthy and green.
We have annual, bi-annual, and quarterly mulching programs to keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy.
We offer annual or bi-annual mulching services. Our standard mulching component is pine straw, but we also offer cedar, cypress, as well as other filling types and colors.
We offer annual and bi-annual weeding of flower beds. Weeding helps keep your plants and flowers healthy by eliminating nutrient-stealing weeds. It also helps give your yard a neat and clean look thus promoting a nice curb appeal.

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